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Someone Is Missing - 

Trevor Morse

Missing Person Report - Las Vegas, Nevada

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Missing From Las Vegas, NV

On Saturday May 5, 2007 Trevor Morse visited with close friends at their house. He later met other friends at a club for a couple beers and then retired home around midnight. The afternoon of May 6, 2007 a call was made from his cell phone to a taxi service; with the taxi supposedly picking him up and then dropping that person off in West Las Vegas at a store near the desert and mountains. No-one has seen or heard from him since; not family, not friends nor his employer.

Trevor, was working as an electrician in Las Vegas but unlike what the defective says we do not believe that he committed suicide (No body has been recovered and no suicide note) nor do we believe that he walked away to assume a new life because of the things he had done such as purchases, education and request for job transfer back to El Paso.

Only two scenarios remain one is foul play and the other "Federal Witless Protection".

Las Vegas Metro Police Department is an uncaring entity unto itself and answering only to itself, we came to this conclusion after only a few days of our son's disappearance. It is easier for clarity sake to highlight the time line before and after Trevor's' vanishing act.

o       October/November 2006 Trevor Relocated to Las Vegas Nevada ,

o       November 1st, 2006 purchased furniture at "Furniture Broker",

o       November 18th 2006 Lasik corrective eye surgery,

o       December 22nd 2006 Purchased Table 2 chairs,

o       January 15th 2007 Purchased 2 chairs for dining room set,

o       January 20th, 2007 Levitz Couch & Love Seat,

o       February 27th, 2007 Ultimate Electronics',

o       March 10th,2007 Books for classes,

o       March 12th ,2007 American Education,

o       March 14th, 2007 Renewed Texas Electricians License,

o       April 6th, 2007 Purchased pet turtles and habitat,

o       April 6th, 2007 Purchased 2005 Ford Mustang.

May 5th, 2007 Vi sited friends Ray & Saleena watched fight on TV asked Ray to pickup sunglasses at swap meet for him, Later the same night had drinks with friends (one or two according to them) and retired about Midnight. This is the last time any of his friends claim to have seen or heard from him.

Sunday May 6th, 2007 evidence shows he did laundry, wrote out bills and called a taxi. Monday May 7th and Tuesday May 8th 2007 he was a "No Call, No Show" at work (which is unlike him)

Tuesday May 8th his friend Ray stopped at his apartment to see why he hadn't seen him at work, there was no answer to his knocking. About 6pm Ray called friends and finally me (Trevor's Father) to inquire if we had seen Trevor. When he got a negative reply from everyone he and a friend (Nathan) entered Trevor's apartment to find the apartment unoccupied and in an orderly condition (as Trevor liked it). What raised concern and perpetuated the missing person report was that; Trevor's wallet, driver's license, professional licenses, credit card, money, check book and cell phone along with car keys were all still in the apartment and his car in the parking lot. After seeing this Ray and his friend called the LVMPD and reported Trevor missing. After the police did a so called "Welfare Check" of the apartment Ray called to inform me that he had reported Trevor missing.

Wednesday May 9th I contacted LVMPD and spoke with detective Marin introduced myself and asked him to keep us informed.

Thursday May 10th after work my family and I drove the 12 hour trip arriving about noon Friday May 11th  Las Vegas time, we went straight to the apartment and contacted Ray and met with Saleena at the complex. I called detective Marin and asked if the apartment was a crime scene, and his reply was it was not. I then contacted the apartment manager and arranged to view the apartment. While looking around the apartment and without the manager's knowledge we were able to appropriate Trevor's Cell Phone, Wallet, and keys. After reviewing the phone messages and out going calls we were able to determine that the last call was made from the phone was to a taxi service. We attempted contacting detective Marin and were not able to get any reply.

We then traveled to the taxi service and were told that under the privacy rights law they could not divulge any information, but they suggested that we visit the closest LVMPD sub station and told us which one and gave directions to it, and to let the sub station  know we had crucial information on the case.

When we arrived at the sub-station we spoke with a civilian report taker who questioned the lead detective as to what to do. The detective gave her a phone number as how to reach detective Marin at home, and he returned our call at that time, we told him of the cell phone, the taxi service etc, he said he would get back to us as soon as possible. Detective Marin called us later and informed us that he had gotten the information from the taxi service and that " Frank Mahoney " of "Nevada Center For Missing Loved Ones" in reference to a search the following day.

Saturday May 12th My family and I met with Frank Mahoney at RC Willey  Summerlin and proceeded  to organize a search of the area and the Red Rock area also. While doing so, Frank pointed to a car and said that is your detective I introduced myself and detective Marin took me away from others and said to prepare myself for the worse and that Trevor probably committed suicide somewhere up in the hills.

I went into the desert and hills after the search of the immediate area , with the belief that I or someone on the search party would come across Trevor's corpse, while we were searching detective Marin interviewed the Manager of Loss Prevention and security tapes and interpreted that the person who exited the taxi had wandered randomly around the "desert" as if searching for something.

Sunday May 13th the search continued with the information that detective Marin supplied.

Monday May 14th (I unofficially viewed the same video) what I had seen on the video was a person exiting the taxi traveling in a straight line to the graded parking lot to the west turning north and looking at the North Parking lot turning around proceeding back to the south and looking back towards where the taxi had dropped him, then towards the West. The information that detective Marin had imparted was misleading as to Trevor seemingly wandering aimlessly the camera never showed the person that exited the taxi as wandering or did it show desert, only the graded overflow parking lot to the west. I keep saying "the person that exited the taxi" because of the poor quality of the time lapse video camera.

Since our return to El Paso any communication with detective Marin LVMPD has been spotty at best with him rarely returning our calls (nearly weekly) and not returning any e-mail. I was informed by detective Marin of a RUMOR that started three months after Trevor went missing that he was in a rehab in California . After the detective imparted this there has been no further contact with him, even though I've tried to contact him several times a week!

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